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Hydraulic Cylinders 

Celka Hydraulic Cylinders


Celka's wide range of hydraulic cylinders are distinguished by their consistent high quality and outstanding performance. 

Our cylinders are developed with state-of-the-art technology for their specified range of applications with the ability of high-volume to small batch serial production in our modern production facility.

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Hydraulic Advantages


Hydraulic cylinders convey power, energy and signals via a liquid - typically an oil. The forces within a hydraulic system are produced through pressure. The movement occurs through a flow of volume. The transmitted power is the result of these two factors.

The basic operating principle of hydraulic systems is not different from pneumatic systems. However, the use of fluids rather than air allows for a markedly higher transfer of power and more precise, smooth regulated movements. In addition, hydraulic systems make it possible for movements with a full load to be made even from a stationary position. Additionally force as well as speed can be regulated on an infinitely variable basis. 

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Standard Parameters


To a large extent Celka's hydraulic cylinders are individually designed and manufactured. Nonetheless, it is possible to formulate standard parameters that have a general validity for production and various application areas. We are open to discuss specifications that differ from the standard parameters upon request.

Our Hydraulic Cylinders thus work in the following performance ranges​

  • Operating pressure: 20 to 420 bar

  • Oil temperature range: -30 to +80 °C

  • Piston speed: Up to 0.5 m/s

  • Piston Ø: 25 to 260 mm

  • Rod Ø: 16 to 140 mm

  • Stroke: Up to 6000 mm

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